Dawsn offers a wide range of services which will help you get the project that you need.
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Dawsn can make you the website that you desire. We work closely with you so that the project fits with your every need and is completed to the highest standard.

I can help you identify your goals, and target audience and implement strategies in order to maximise the potential outcome of the project. I always intend to implement a foundation which will allow room for growth, and to succeed and reach its maximum potential. Each project that I work on is fueled by my creative passion of creating and deveoping digital media to the highest possible standard.

Website Development
Website development using many different website software and technologies.

Website Design
Responsive website design so that the websites can be accessed from anywhere.

Mobile App Development
Native mobile applications to that the software can be accessed on an android device.

Social Media Management
Manage your social media to get maximum user response and interactivity.


Elegance is an important part of digital media and it is one of the primary areas that determines the success of a project. By providing an elegant design, it allows for intuitive use of the website which increases the overal interaction between the end user.