An internal web application system
Accenture courses in web application system which is used internally for employees to allow them to search and apply for courses that are prouded inhouse by accenture. This system was developed to support multi level management. Each level of management must approve the course before the employee is eligable to enrol.

This software was created as part of a group project within the University of Sunderland. The whole group conisted of 6 members and I worked in a team of two when it came to developing the web application system. I worked on ot the development of the system, while the other member worked on the database. The system also came with a software that can be used on desktops which is used to interact with the website and database. Due to the nature of the software, it is not possible for me to show a live demonstration of the website. However, screenshots of the system will be shown below.

Disclaimer: As this was a project created both for university and accenture, it is currently unknown if this system is actually being used by accenture.
This system was awarded the Commercial Achievement Award for development of an outstanding system for accenture.
Please note that all information shown within the screenshots are used as a placeholder and not information that will be used in the final product
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